The girls with Pastor Davis

The girls with Pastor Jerry Davis

What a wonderful service this morning at the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Chatsworth, Georgia! The spirit of conviction was evident as soon as the service started and our hearts were burdened mightily.

The pastor felt led to call for altar prayer just before we got up to sing and as we prayed we fervently asked God to give us the songs to sing and the words to say. He did just that and as we sang there was barely a dry eye in the congregation. The sweet spirit of God settled in and we could see that God was truly working in hearts. Conviction remained heavy so in between songs we tried our best to testify of God’s amazing grace and His desire to save sinners! We pleaded with any who might be there lost, that they would not delay any longer but come and make peace with God.

After we were finished singing, pastor Jerry Davis preached for about ten minutes pleading with sinners to come to Christ and quickly opened the altars. Barely a note left the piano before an elderly gentleman bolted down the aisle and gave his heart to the Lord! He was soon followed by another middle aged gentleman and a young girl! We found out later that the elderly gentleman was 75 years of age!! Praise God, He’s still in the saving business!