Meet The Morrison Sisters

Megan Morrison
Megan MorrisonVocals & Bass Guitar
Megan plays bass guitar and is a frequently featured lead vocalist on many Morrison Sister’s favorites. She has a degree in web development and her work can be viewed at . Her birthday is August 25th.
Kaity Morrison
Kaity MorrisonVocals, Piano & Mandolin
Our “great big ball of sunshine,” God has blessed “Kaitybug” with multi-instrumental talent, heavenly soprano voice, and an ear for sweet harmonies. She loves Jesus and animals of all kinds. Her birthday is March 1st. 
Addie Morrison
Addie MorrisonVocals
“Addie Belle” sings lead and alto while occasionally providing comedy relief for the audience. She loves Chick-fil-A, reading, and is an accomplished artist. Her birthday is December 20th.

Carrie & Wesley Morrison

The parents of the Morrison Sisters are high-school sweethearts who have been married since August 2, 1997.

Wesley is the dad of the Morrison Sisters and when he’s not playing guitar and singing with the his gals he enjoys preaching, fishing, Atlanta Braves baseball, and Georgia Bulldog football. A lifelong “nerd,” Wesley spent the first 15 years of his professional career as a computer programmer. His birthday is June 8th.

Carrie is a full-time mom who enjoys cooking, going to the gym, essential oils, Funyuns, and “burning stuff” (yes, she’s a pyromaniac). Jokes aside, without question, Ms. Carrie is the glue that keeps the Morrison crew together. Her birthday is September 29.

The Morrisons currently reside in Calhoun, Georgia.