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A few weeks ago, our dear friend, Bro. Stacy Pearcy, sent us a demo of song he had written called “Homesick.” As we listened to it Carrie and I began to cry. It really, really touched our hearts. Shortly, the girls heard it playing and came running in from their rooms and basically begged to learn it. We loved it. It’s just one of those songs that truly has the touch of God on it.

We had only practiced it a few times and are still very, very rusty at it so we hadn’t done the song live yet. But as we wrapped up our set in Gaylesville, Alabama a few days ago I felt strongly impressed to do it. The girls were nervous, I was sick with a terrible cold and missed notes horribly on the guitar, and – bless her heart – Kaitybug was running out of breath by the last bar. It was a rough effort to say the least. Still, I’m so glad we did it. God helped us and the Spirit of God moved in a special way in spite of our struggles.

– Bro. Wesley

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Pajama Practice Session #2

Several months ago we posted a video to our YouTube page of us practicing a song in our “pajamas” (lol). We called it the “Pajama Practice Session.” Well, we decided to do another. For some time now we’ve been aiming to learn “I Was There When It Happened.” We finally got around to it a few days before Christmas and Carrie managed to get our first start to finish attempt on video. We posted it on our Facebook page and it has since been viewed over 35,000 times and over 1300 people have shared it! We’re not sure why as it’s probably the corniest thing we’ve ever done! Lol! Still, what a blessing!

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Faith Baptist Camp

Our home church, Concord Baptist Church in Fairmount, Georgia, hosts the Faith Baptist Campmeeting three times each year and we are currently in our August meeting. God has truly refreshed our souls and encouraged our hearts. We’ve also enjoyed spending time with some of our favorite people, like one of our heroes, Bro. Lance Carpenter and Sis. Christina Richards, who won the contest for naming the girl’s group!

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Anatomy of a Recording Session

Recently, we were honored to be asked to help out on the title track from the new forthcoming Jordan Family Band album, “Better Days.” While doing so our dad decided to take a few videos of the “creative process.” As you will see, it was probably around 10% creativity and 90% shenanigans but we sure did enjoy it! Lol! Hope you all enjoy watching this half as much as we enjoyed doing it! Blessings!

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Campmeeting Time!

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Victory Baptist Church Campmeeting

This past Sunday we had the privilege of being with Pastor Earnest Groce, Dr. John Hamblin and the sweet people of Victory Baptist Church in Rossville, GA to kick off their annual camp meeting. Formerly the Rocky Acres Bible Camp, this is the oldest camp meeting in the state of Georgia and God has greatly used it throughout the years. Pastor Groce and his people were so kind and gracious and the services were great. The church’s media ministry did a fantastic job recording the Sunday morning service and we wanted to share it with you. We hope you enjoy watching it!

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Corinth Baptist Church

I turned 22…er…37 yesterday (June 8) and I can honestly say it was the best birthday yet! Why? Because I spent it singing for Jesus with my girls, preaching the Word, and worshipping and fellowshipping with friends and family. The day started with a wonderful service at Corinth Baptist in Resaca, Georgia and carried over to New Canaan Baptist in Rome, Georgia for the evening service. The eve was capped with a “bash” at Steak & Shake with my family. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! – Wesley

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Moving On Up!

Megan, Kaity, and Addie School Photo
Hello all! Well, another school year has come and gone and we are pleased to announce that – after much pain and anguish – Megan, Kaity, and Addie have survived! Lol! We kid of course.

Our Megan will be a FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL this year! Aaaahhhhh! Yes, that makes us feel soooo dirt old. Lol. Kaity and Addie will also be moving up to the 5th and 3rd grades, respectively. They all three are quite sure they know everything.

On a more serious note we do want to dedicate a little space here to express how thankful we are for the Canaanland Christian School and the wonderful faculty there. We count it a great privilege that God has enabled us to send our children to a school where they will not only receive a great academic education but a great spiritual education as well.

Our country is quickly falling farther and farther away from God and the importance of “training up our children in the way they should go” has never been more paramount. God-centered educational institutions like the Canaanland Christian School can and do play a vital roll in accomplishing this goal. We will never, ever take them for granted. – Wesley & Carrie

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New Hope Baptist Church Easter Celebration

We had a such a wonderful time recently at the New Hope Baptist Church in Ranger, Georgia. The building was filled and saints of God were shouting and crying all over the congregation! It thrills our hearts that God is raising up young men like Pastor Doug Green to carry the torch of the gospel. Praise God, the devil hasn’t won! God is STILL raising up men to stand in the gap!

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Jesus Still Saves!

The girls with Pastor Davis

The girls with Pastor Jerry Davis

What a wonderful service this morning at the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Chatsworth, Georgia! The spirit of conviction was evident as soon as the service started and our hearts were burdened mightily.

The pastor felt led to call for altar prayer just before we got up to sing and as we prayed we fervently asked God to give us the songs to sing and the words to say. He did just that and as we sang there was barely a dry eye in the congregation. The sweet spirit of God settled in and we could see that God was truly working in hearts. Conviction remained heavy so in between songs we tried our best to testify of God’s amazing grace and His desire to save sinners! We pleaded with any who might be there lost, that they would not delay any longer but come and make peace with God.

After we were finished singing, pastor Jerry Davis preached for about ten minutes pleading with sinners to come to Christ and quickly opened the altars. Barely a note left the piano before an elderly gentleman bolted down the aisle and gave his heart to the Lord! He was soon followed by another middle aged gentleman and a young girl! We found out later that the elderly gentleman was 75 years of age!! Praise God, He’s still in the saving business!

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