Megan, Kaity, and Addie School Photo
Hello all! Well, another school year has come and gone and we are pleased to announce that – after much pain and anguish – Megan, Kaity, and Addie have survived! Lol! We kid of course.

Our Megan will be a FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL this year! Aaaahhhhh! Yes, that makes us feel soooo dirt old. Lol. Kaity and Addie will also be moving up to the 5th and 3rd grades, respectively. They all three are quite sure they know everything.

On a more serious note we do want to dedicate a little space here to express how thankful we are for the Canaanland Christian School and the wonderful faculty there. We count it a great privilege that God has enabled us to send our children to a school where they will not only receive a great academic education but a great spiritual education as well.

Our country is quickly falling farther and farther away from God and the importance of “training up our children in the way they should go” has never been more paramount. God-centered educational institutions like the Canaanland Christian School can and do play a vital roll in accomplishing this goal. We will never, ever take them for granted. – Wesley & Carrie