A few weeks ago, our dear friend, Bro. Stacy Pearcy, sent us a demo of song he had written called “Homesick.” As we listened to it Carrie and I began to cry. It really, really touched our hearts. Shortly, the girls heard it playing and came running in from their rooms and basically begged to learn it. We loved it. It’s just one of those songs that truly has the touch of God on it.

We had only practiced it a few times and are still very, very rusty at it so we hadn’t done the song live yet. But as we wrapped up our set in Gaylesville, Alabama a few days ago I felt strongly impressed to do it. The girls were nervous, I was sick with a terrible cold and missed notes horribly on the guitar, and – bless her heart – Kaitybug was running out of breath by the last bar. It was a rough effort to say the least. Still, I’m so glad we did it. God helped us and the Spirit of God moved in a special way in spite of our struggles.

– Bro. Wesley