New Song

Several weeks ago Bro. Joe Anders (a dear friend of ours who was a member of our church years ago) shared with us a new song he had written. It has such a wonderful message and melody and we are thrilled that Bro. Joe sent us the words so we could learn it. This was […]

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Chris and Chloe Hewett


Meet our dear friends, Bro. Chris & Sis. Chloe Hewett.

Bro. Chris Hewett is in full time ministry and relies completely on God’s people for his monthly income. Mrs. Chloe is 26 weeks expecting with twin girls and one of the babies has passed away causing […]

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A few weeks ago, our dear friend, Bro. Stacy Pearcy, sent us a demo of song he had written called “Homesick.” As we listened to it Carrie and I began to cry. It really, really touched our hearts. Shortly, the girls heard it playing and came running in from their rooms and basically […]

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We Have Liftoff!

One would think since the Morrison Family has a web designer in the household that this would have happened much sooner but we’ve been busy, busy, BUSY and this website thing just kept getting put on the back burner. Well, we’re finally pleased to announce that it’s here (obviously).

Do us a favor and let us […]

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