Meet The Morrison Sisters

Megan Morrison
Megan MorrisonVocals & Bass Guitar
The heart and soul of the Morrison Sisters, Megan sings lead and harmony and is the featured soloist on the favorite “He Loves Me Like I Was His Only Child.” She enjoys playing sports and her birthday is August 25th.
Kaity Morrison
Kaity MorrisonVocals, Piano & Mandolin
“Kaitybug” is – simply put – a great big ball of sunshine. God has truly blessed her with an ear and voice for high harmonies. Like her big sis, she enjoys playing a variety of sports. Her birthday is March 1st. 
Addie Morrison
Addie MorrisonVocals
“Addie Belle” sings lead and occasionally provides comedy relief for the group. There’s just no telling what might come out of her little mouth but it’s bound to make you laugh. Her birthday is December 20th.

wesley-and-carrieWesley and Carrie

The parents of the Morrison Sisters are high-school sweethearts who have been married since August 2, 1997.

Wesley enjoys being a dad, preaching, fishing, and coaching his girl’s softball teams. He currently has several dates available for fishing appointments and will gladly make them free of charge. His birthday is June 8th.

Besides being a full-time mom, Carrie enjoys cooking, running, “burning stuff” (she’s a closet pyromaniac) and cheering for Peyton Manning. Her birthday is September 29.

The Morrison family currently resides in Calhoun, Georgia and attend Concord Baptist Church where Bro. Sammy Allen is pastor.